Consultative selling is a sales approach that prioritizes relationships and open dialogue between a seller and the customer to identify and provide solutions to a customer’s needs. This technique helps sales professionals better understand the challenges faced by customers so they can position their solutions in a more compelling and effective way. 

Consultative selling enhances the relationship between the buyer and the seller. This helps in increasing share of business from the same customer. 

In this programme the trainee understands how to explore customer needs before talking about a product or service and how to convert product features to benefits in order to provide tailored solutions to the buyers

In consultative selling, the sales professional learns about how to extract customer needs before talking about a product or solution. Product knowledge is transformed into a tailored solution when it is delivered and positioned based on the customer’s needs.

The trainee also focusses on developing key behavioural traits that will help in consultative selling, reduce sales cycle and generate buyer trust and clarity for better long lasting results. 

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